Some useful links with a brief description of each. Take a look around to learn more and if there’s something you need to know about that isn’t on here, simply search for it using your usual search engine. There is a lot of information out there to help you so use it before you decide to risk/invest/speculate with your hard earned money.
Coin Marketcap

Probably the best site to find out current prices of all coins and tokens.


Get started with buying and selling cryptocurrency the easy way.


A great place to trade cryptocurrency, part of Coinbase which makes it easy to transfer funds between the two.


Current news articles all about cryptocurrency


News articles focused on Ethereum


Buy and sell Bitcoin peer to peer with anyone in the world.

Youtube channels are a great way to learn more about cryptocurrency, here’s a few I’ve found useful.

There are endless channels with information about all things cryptocurrency but you will need to enjoy the presentation to become interested in what is being said, as we all have our own tastes search around until you find a few you enjoy watching and are teaching you what you want and need to know.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Pretty much everything you want to know about Bitcoin.

Ivan on Tech

A developer talking about the more technical side of cryptocurrency news but in a way most of us non-tech people can understand (mostly).

Box Mining

More up to date news and information about everything Crypto, sometimes technical sometime not but always easy to understand.


News and general chat about everything crypto. Easy listening, informative and lively.

Peak Prosperity

Chris Martenson

Information, commentary, analysis, and an online community for discussing the convergence of global issues facing the economy, environment, and our energy needs.

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The Money GPS

David Quintieri

Best known for his book, The Money GPS. He has been interviewed on various programs such as USA Watchdog, TruNews, GoldMoney, Financial Survival Network, SGT Report, Finance and Liberty, Prepper Recon, and Unconventional Finance.

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ITM Trading

Lynette Zang

We uncover the truth about complex financial banking and economic systems to allow people to make educated choices that empower their future. ITM Trading is A Precious Metals Company located in phoenix AZ.

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SGT Report

SGT Report is the corporate propaganda antidote. Providing exclusive original content and interviews with some of the best known voices in the world of economics and precious metals SGT Report is your daily source for truth in a time of universal deceit. And as the global economic outlook continues to deteriorate, SGT Report urges its readers to prepare for seismic shifts in the global financial system and to prepare for the end of the US Dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency.

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Probably the easiest route in to cryptocurrency. Sign up for an account here and you'll receive $10 of FREE Bitcoin with your first $100 purchase (or your equivalent currency value).


Connect your bank account, credit/debit card so you can exchange into and out of your local currency. Download the app on your mobile device to keep track of your Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin on the move. Any digital currency stored on coinbase servers (in your coinbase wallet) is covered by insurance. Set up recurring buys to invest slowly over time, every day, week, month etc. or buy and sell at anytime.


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