Mainstream News is becoming a bit of a joke these days, a small amount of research will show that in the last few years most of the news channels have been bought up by large corporations so the whole of the mainstream news is controlled by just a few people and those people obviously only have their own interests at heart and those of close business partners. It’s all about filtering away money from the average Joe or Jo and sucking it up to the top 1%, we see this everywhere but we all seem to accept it and carry on struggling away while the 1% have so much of our money they pay stupid prices for anything because, why not! A prime example is a Possibly fake Leonardo da Vinci selling for $450,000,000.00 ($450 million). When you have billions sitting around what’s $450 million.

The saying that comes to mind is ‘Easy come, Easy go’ and the Top Bankers and CEO’s with all the inside information all working together for the maximisation of corporate profit, controlling the flow of information to the masses with the sole intention of herding the sheep and their money in the direction that makes it easiest to relieve them of their wealth, tell them what you want them to believe. Propaganda, as it used to be called.

3 Companies control 71% of UK media   /   6 Corporations control 90% of American media

Criminal activity that would see you and I convicted and locked up is a daily occurrence in the corporate world and no one is ever convicted or imprisoned. There are too many examples but one of the most recent is Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan. Dimon is now becoming famous for calling Bitcoin a bubble, a fraud and a tool for criminals to launder money. When Fraudsters and money launderers are exposed they stand trial, if found guilty there are sent to prison and assets are frozen (confiscated by the government). But this doesn’t seem to happen to corporations or the CEO’s, shortly after Dimon calling Bitcoin a fraud and money laundering tool, JP Morgan was found to have been laundering money and committing mortgage fraud… Did the CEO face any charges, did he go to jail? Of course not and now JP Morgan will be offering customers Bitcoin Futures Trading products, even though the CEO considers it a fraud!

Bank Whistle-blower Alayne Fleischmann on How JPMorgan Chase Helped Wreck the Economy Huffington Post

So now, Dimon has changed his mind on bitcoin and is calling it the New Gold, well we should probably listen to him, he’s obviously only trying to help everyone… Or maybe he is attempting to manipulate you in to selling your gold now that ‘they’ have manipulated the price down to the most recent lows, you can then buy Bitcoin just in time for JP Morgan to start testing the manipulation of Bitcoin with their Futures Trading through the CME Group. The CME Group is the worlds largest derivatives market place and the COMEX is where companies such as JP Morgan, HSBC, Deutsche Bank to name but a few are the main players when it comes to manipulating the price of Gold & Silver using paper contracts (bets) on the underlying asset. The paper Gold & Silver contracts traded on the LBMA & COMEX bear no resemblance to the actual amount of Physical metal that is bought and sold or even to the quantity of Gold & Silver that actually exists.

Eight months after Deutsche Bank AG settled a lawsuit claiming it manipulated gold and silver prices, documents it disclosed as part of the accord provide “smoking gun” proof that UBS Group AG, HSBC Holdings Plc, Bank of Nova Scotia and other firms rigged the silver market, plaintiffs claim. The allegation came in a filing Wednesday in a Manhattan federal court lawsuit filed in 2014 by individuals and entities that bought or sold futures contracts. According to the plaintiffs, records surrendered by Deutsche Bank show traders and submitters coordinating trades in advance of a daily phone call, manipulating the spot market for silver, conspiring to fix the spread on silver offered to customers and using illegal strategies to rig prices. Bloomberg


Information is key when it comes to putting things in perspective and making your own judgement and you will not get enough (honest/factual) information if you only use mainstream media as your source.

I don’t recall having heard anything on the News about the BRICS nations BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA who appear to be creating a Gold-Backed trading environment and crude-oil futures contract that will be priced in gold-backed yuan that can be easily converted to gold at the exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

With the BRICS bloc’s New Development Bank, the ability to buy and sell energy in a gold-backed Asian currency and now the possibility of a BRICS-wide cryptocurrency, the eastward expansion of the US dollar looks to be in serious jeopardy.

“We (the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the People’s Bank of China) discussed gold trading. The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are major economies with large reserves of gold and an impressive volume of production and consumption of the precious metal. In China, gold is traded in Shanghai, and in Russia in Moscow. Our idea is to create a link between these cities so as to intensify gold trading between our markets.”

Could all this buying and trading of gold by BRICS nations and the Shanghai physical gold market spell the death of the fake paper gold market of the COMEX & LBMA and put an end to the manipulation of gold and silver, could the new Bitcoin futures trading activities expose the manipulation of the markets causing Gold & Silver to be re-valued based on actual physical metal demand and ownership now dominated by the BRICS nations and not fake paper gold held and traded by the west. Are cryptocurrencies going to undermine the fiat currencies as people move out of the Dollar, Pound, Euro etc. and out of the now exposed fraudulent banking system to take control of their own money.

All the recent news regarding government rules and regulations over cryptocurrencies tells me they are very worried about their system that favours the 1% coming to an end.

The fact is, all fiat currencies eventually revert back to their intrinsic value ‘nothing’ mainly due to hyperinflation, as can be seen hundreds of times and most recently in Venezuela Gold has been a form of money and store of wealth for thousands of years and Blockchain based currency is becoming the next form of payment whether you realise it or not, it’s here to stay now.

Maybe the solution is the best of both worlds…  A Gold-backed Cryptocurrency.