My first ICO experience


Ok, so I haven’t been involved in Crypto currency for very long, only a few months when I wrote this but I found it all very interesting and spent a lot of time searching around for information trying to learn about it. I eventually bought my first Ether through coinbase and was feeling fairly confident. While researching I would look at various topics on Twitter and came across a few people talking about a new ICO called edgeless, a decentralised gambling casino. I didn’t know what an ICO was at this point so had to learn about what they were before I could get started, that took a few days and this ICO had already started so the clock was ticking.



I found the edgeless crowdsale page and had a read through it, looked into the team and what their plans were for the project going forward. There are a lot of gambling sites on the internet with many of them accepting bitcoin as payment, it is said that this was a contributing factor for the rise of bitcoin as many gamblers like the idea of higher level of privacy. Gambling is a huge and constantly growing online industry which was another plus as far as I was concerned and the egdeless team looked like they had some good ideas, also one of the main things that made me more interested was their attitude towards the legal side of things, they took this very seriously which hinted towards a company that was in this for the long haul and wanted to build a solid foundation to work off. Another plus for me was their Edgeless Lounge, an option for their token holders to participate once a month in something similar to UK Premium bonds, you can submit your EDG to the lounge where a share of 40% of the profits can be won without losing your stake.
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” I’d carried out due diligence and was happy, so now what?… How do I actually get some of these EDG tokens, time is running out, it’s already in the last few days of the sale! “

Being new to all this ICO stuff I followed the instructions on the edgeless token sale website and downloaded the Parity wallet, I could not get this to work so downloaded MyEtherWallet which also looked confusing to a newbie such as myself but I did start to get the hang of it after a while, but after revisiting the edgeless site I saw a reference to being able to use the Jaxx wallet which I already had and it was a bit more straight forward to use so that was the one I went for. I found the edgeless token sale wallet address and sent over a small amount of Ether (ETH) to test things out, I could see my Ether had arrived in the correct place by using Etherscan to confirm the transaction so I transferred half the amount I intended to invest/speculate just in case I made a mistake, all was good so I transferred the other half. I am now feeling rather pleased with myself!.. That didn’t last long though as I couldn’t see the Edgeless Tokens (EDG) in my wallet, I just assumed it would take a while so forgot about it for a few days. A week later, still no EDG had arrived so I send a message to the edgeless team on Twitter and then on Facebook but no reply, I assumed they would be extremely busy during this period so didn’t worry too much but after a couple more messages and another week I started to get a little concerned, fortunately after a few more days I did get a reply with a link to join their slack group, again, this was new to me so I joined up and figured out how that worked and I made contact through there. Fortunately for me, whoever I was speaking to was extremely knowledgeable and patient! after much back and forth of information and wallet addresses they were able to direct Mr Stupid (Me) to where his tokens had been sent and had been all the time, I just needed to open MyEtherWallet with my private Key!…..  YAY, they were all there, I cracked open a cold beer in relief to celebrate.

At the time I got in to the ICO, Ether was approx £35 and each ETH was exchanged for 1000 EDG tokens making them approx 3.5p each. Today (02/07/2017) ETH is approx £210.00 and EDG is 41p giving me and increase of approx 1150%

To summarise, my first experience of an ICO was an interesting learning curve and I found the person from Edgeless to be extremely helpful which makes me even more pleased to be invested and supporting them.

This is not an advert and is in no way connected to Edgeless, I am not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Edgeless, it is simply my experience of participating in an Initial Coin Offering for the first time. Disclaimer


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