Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

There are already several companies that have launched or are in the process of launching a cryptocurrency token that is backed by the stability of physical gold, the physical gold is stored in various vaults in various countries depending on the token involved. Below are a few of the tokens that are currently offering this gold-backed cryptocurrency option, if you’re interested then follow the links provided to research each one in more detail.

It’s not a cryptocurrency… But it’s not fiat currency either, so we thought you might be interested.

Tally money

Tally Banking Platform & Challenger Currency

TALLY LTD, the money innovator and developer of the 100% reserve banking platform and physical asset currency, Tally®, is pleased to announce its smartphone banking app is now available to the UK public to open a Tally® banking account and save and spend in Tally®. The release of the app is a major milestone for the Company. It is the culmination of more than two years’ design and development work and now, for the first time, people have a choice in the quality of mainstream money they use in their daily lives. Tally® is initially being released to UK residents only, however it’s immediately able to be spent at over 37 million merchant outlets globally through the Tally® Mastercard® debit card, and the Company is focused on delivering a better type of money worldwide.

Visit for more information or get the Tally app from the links below.

The Tally® App and Mastercard® debit card have completed beta testing and the App is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Tally® is a world first mainstream challenger currency, designed by the private sector, for people to save and spend every day, through their own individually issued banking accounts, denominated in Tally®. At time of this announcement 1 GBP = 30 Tally® (i.e. £1 = t30) Tally® is not a fiat currency and not a cryptocurrency. Tally® is a money that every person in the world can understand.  1 Tally = 1 milligram of physical gold belonging to the customer. It is connected through the Tally® App to use the established global banking network, but the customer’s tangible asset (physical gold) is kept outside of it. Tally® provides customers protection from government fiat currency devaluation (inflation), protects from bank counterparty risk and systemic bank contagion. And Tally® is 100% insured. There are no transaction costs and no fees added to foreign exchange rates when travelling.  Tally® uses the global gold spot price and Mastercard® wholesale FX rates. And ATM withdrawals are free. Platform access, security, storage, and insurance is covered by a transparent single monthly charge in Tally® of 0.1% of a customer’s average monthly holding (the equivalent of £1 per £1,000 of Tally® held). This reduces to 0.05% per month on any holding over t500,000. Tally® can be spent at over 37 million merchant outlets worldwide that accept Mastercard®


November 11th 2017 saw the end of their successful ICO which raised 4946 ETH & 837 BTC, approx $7 million at current prices. This is a blockchain based platform with 100% gold-backed crypto assets, fully backed by physical gold, This will ensure the price stability for investors looking for exposure to bullion prices through a crypto asset.

Visit Goldmint for more information

See current price information for Goldmint MNTP


Xaurum digital asset grows with each newly issued XAUR token, the quantity of gold grows faster than the amount of tokens issued. As with all cryptocurrency, transactions are secured on the blockchain.

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See current price information for Xaurum XAUR

Gold Coin

Coldcoin is a secure store of value in a gold-backed cryptocurrency token, with an android app you can now purchase and trade the Goldcoin on various exchanges including Bittrex and or you can simply store your GoldCoin securely on a paper wallet generated on their website ready for when you want to trade or sell.

Visit GoldCoin for more information

See current price information for Goldcoin GLD


At Aurus we aim to be a bridge between the traditional gold market and the new, crypto economy. By using blockchain technology we will create a simple yet effective gold backed token accessible to individuals and organizations all over the world to own, trade and use. We achieve this by providing tokenisation-as-a-service on the Ethereum public blockchain to qualified commodity providers who account for an estimated 30% of the bullion gold market.

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Digix aims to build stronghold of real-world assets represented as tokens on the blockchain with its proprietary Proof of Provenance (PoP) protocol. We uphold the highest standard of security, transparency, and auditability of assets on the blockchain. With that guarantee, we are looking to propagate our tokens into the entire crypto space and the associated crypto dApps to help create the future of crypto economy.

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See current price information for Digix DGX


Dinar Dirham

DinarDirham provides an easy way for people to buy digital currency (DinarCoins, assets issued on blockchains) backed by gold. By employing blockchain technology and robust trading platforms, DinarDirham creates a quick and transparent access to the bullion markets for small investors. DinarDirham ensures a secure and simple gold investment using blockchain where all transactions are transparently verified by users without any interference of intermediary or 3rd party.

Visit Dinar Dirham for more information

Anthem Gold

AnthemGold (AGLD) is a Micro-Weighted Gold Bullion Backed CryptoCurrency verified by HERC Supply Chain and Storage Utility Library System.

Visit Anthem Gold for more information


ZenGold is the world’s first application utilizing blockchain technology to digitize physical gold and issues Assay Certificates after professional auditing procedures. ZenGold token is a digital POA backed by physical gold, each ZNG token represents 1 gram of 99.99% Gold reserved in Shanghai Gold Exchange Vault.

Visit ZenGold for more information


HelloGold gives you access to investment grade gold, via our mobile app, anywhere, anytime from as low as RM1 per transaction. Our product adheres to the highest international standards and security levels. It’s a fast and secure way for you to buy gold online.

Visit HelloGold for more information

See current price information for HelloGold HGT


AurumCoin (AU) is a distributed cryptocurrency, has its own blockchain since 2014 and only 300,000 coins can be mined, so gold-backed cryptocurrency is possible. We are not related to any new ico based on ethereum.

Visit AurumCoin for more information

See current price information for AurumCoin AU

Whether you’re a professional trader or just starting out with cryptocurrencies, Binance offers a wide variety of tools for engaging with digital asset markets. It’s straightforward to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through the Binance exchange, while additional features make the platform capable of handling complex trading operations as well.

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