Tallymoney is NOT a cryptocurrency. This article is being posted on whatscrypto because we are all about alternatives to the fraudulent fractional reserve fiat banking system and Tallymoney is the best, non-cryptocurrency gold-backed alternative we have seen and used.   What is Tallymoney? Tallymoney is the banking app platform from
Mainstream News is becoming a bit of a joke these days, a small amount of research will show that in the last few years most of the news channels have been bought up by large corporations so the whole of the mainstream news is controlled by just a few people
Gold started its life as a form of money, a means of payment in return for labour or another commodity such as food. In the early days, people would carry gold around and pay with it, but it became a burden due to its weight and the fact it would
This is just a quick post, I wanted to share a graph I just put together so I could compare the so called cryptocurrency bubble to the national debt of a few countries, It doesn’t set out to prove anything I just wanted to see a graph comparing them, because…
The way I look at things… Technology moves fast, business must move fast to keep up, to stay profitable and to engage customers. ICO’s have been making the headlines again recently, mainly due to Chinese stories about banning them because they are or can be fraudulent, I totally agree with
Well there’s been a lot of interest and speculation regarding ACChain this week, numerous videos on YOUTUBE and articles on the internet which caught my eye and got me a little curious too so I thought I’d have a quick look into it and share what I found. The idea